Weight Loss Advice You’ve Probably Never Heard Before: 10 Tips

Weight Loss Advice You’ve Probably Never Heard Before: 10 Tips


30-Second Summary 

We’ve all heard “eat fewer calories and get more exercise.” But if that hasn’t worked for you, what’s to be done? Today, we will be outlining some alternative weight loss tips and talking about:

  • The things that may be contributing to your weight gain
  • Why do so many of the most popular diets and meal plans seem to not work for so many people
  • What can happen if you don’t carefully manage your weight
  • Some lifestyle changes you can make to keep the pounds off once you’ve lost them
  • Supplements that may be able to help and what to watch out for when shopping for them
  • 10 lesser-known weight loss tips that could work for you

Busting Weight Loss Myths

Maybe you’ve tried the super-popular keto diet only to give it up after a couple of weeks. Maybe, you are working out every day, but you can’t seem to lose a significant amount of weight. The fact is that there are a lot of weight loss mistakes that people commonly make because they have simply been misinformed.

As children and adolescents, we were told that all you need to do to stay fit and healthy was to eat right and get plenty of exercise only to find that those tips are universally applicable. That’s because everyone’s health and metabolism are different. Weight loss workout plans may not be working for you because you are taking certain medications that alter the appetite hormones or increase the storage of glucose.

Some medications will even affect how quickly calories are burned in the body. Maybe you have a glandular problem that is keeping you from losing weight. The fact is that there are any number of things that could be keeping you from losing weight even if you are adhering to a diet and exercising.

Still, you need to find out what works for you because obesity is very serious and can lead to life-threatening conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

Weight loss mistakes are also rampant because of marketing. Going back to our previous example, the keto diet, marketing on TV made it very popular. And while it likely has real merit, the concept is fundamentally flawed for many Americans as the American diet is so ingrained with carbs.

It is simply unfeasible for some people to avoid carbs when it is part of almost every American meal. Even the best weight loss supplements wouldn’t be able to do much if you can’t avoid carbs.

There is hope. If weight loss workout plans and diets have not worked for you, check out these 10 lesser-known weight loss tips that could be what you need

10 Alternative Weight Loss Tips

weight loss

No one should go into any diet or workout regimen thinking that it will be universally effective. The bottom line is this: What works for some is not guaranteed to work for you and vice versa. Here are 10 alternative weight loss tips to try out:

  1. Go spicy – So long as your stomach can handle it, try eating spicy foods like chilis and peppers with capsaicin. Capsaicin has been shown to increase energy expenditure and thermogenesis that may make it easier for the body to burn fat with minimal effort.
  2. Keep track of what you eat – Simply making a genuine effort to keep track of what you eat may be enough to lose weight. Many of us are so busy that we eat somewhat mindlessly without thought of calories or sugar content. Write down what you eat in a journal and review it throughout the day.
  3. Eat a hearty breakfast – A breakfast that emphasizes proteins is a great way to start the day because proteins digest slower and make you feel fuller for longer. Try eating protein-rich foods like eggs, salmon, and turkey bacon for breakfast.
  4. Evening walks – Taking a walk in the evening can be a great way to manage your weight because the evening is when your metabolism tends to slow down.
  5. Shop on a full stomach – Not only will grocery shopping on a full stomach work off some calories, but it may also keep you from making unhealthy food choices.
  6. Stay social – Hanging out with friends alone won’t help you lose weight but laughing with them will. Laughing burns calories so try to stay social with friends and family that you can easily share a laugh with.
  7. Talk to your doctor – Again, one of the medications you are on may be to blame for your weight loss so be sure to talk to your doctor about any meds you are on and how they may be affecting your weight loss efforts.
  8. Set an earlier bedtime – Under-sleeping can adversely affect your metabolism and sleeping a bit earlier every night may keep you from that unhealthy “midnight snack.”
  9. Get a dog – If possible, get a furry friend that will encourage you to take more walks and be more active.
  10. Bake more – Try baking the foods that you would normally fry. Even veggies and the best weight loss supplements won’t help if you aren’t preparing your food in a healthy way.

Bonus Tip on Supplements

You have to be careful with supplements. While some can be very helpful, some have filler ingredients or, worse, dangerous stimulants. Be sure to check the label and ask your doctor about any supplement you mean to try. Also, read reviews like Keto GT reviews and products like it to see how other people have reacted to them.

Final Thoughts

Making small changes here and there, like walking to the store as opposed to driving or taking the stairs instead of the elevator, can help. Read Keto GT reviews and reviews of products like it, and talk to your doctor before making a decision. Be mindful of your daily routine, and you should be able to identify the best way to lose weight for you.