How to Achieve Voluminous Hair?

How to Achieve Voluminous Hair?

We all want to achieve Voluminous Hair, healthy, and gorgeous hair. Genetics plays a big part in how your hair looks, and most of the time, how our hair naturally is out of our control. However, we can’t just sit back and wait for genetics to do its magic, can we? There are several routines, tips, and tricks that we can employ to add more volume to our hair while keeping them healthy and non-brittle, right from the roots.

How to Achieve Voluminous Hair in 8 Easy Steps?

●    Washing

Proper treatment of your hair all starts with keeping it clean. Wash your hair using a volumizing shampoo. There is a wide variety of volumizing shampoos at your nearest store; all you need to do is add the item to your shopping list and select your preferred brand at your easiest convenience. After washing your hair with a volumizing shampoo, you must dry your hair roots with root lifters or any other starch-based product.

Applying a volumizer and drying your hair right from the roots will help your hair get the lift back in, and you need to do this when your hair is still wet because they are easier to manipulate at this stage.

When selecting a root lifter product, look for one that has high alcohol content, contains zero moisture, and will make your hair hard and stiff. This keeps your hair pliable and the volume going all day. Dry your hair using the hair drier nozzle pointed up after applying the product, then you can apply hair toppers for women to give your hair more volume.

●    Put in Hot Rollers

Hot rollers are easy to use and can be thrown in while doing your hair makeup, and you don’t require any unique technique to accomplish this. This technique comes in handy if your hair is already dry and needs to build volume when blowdrying. When throwing in the rollers, you need to know the intended direction of your waves. If you intend to have a vintage Veronica Lake effect, roll towards the face. Roll away from the front if you desire glam Hollywood waves.

●    Add Volume When Styling

When styling, apply mousse, then blowdry and rough dry your hair to make the strands thicker and more pliable. You may choose to add a little more texture by spraying your hair roots with a sea salt sprayer. Next, employ the use of some velcro rollers at the midsection of your head, running towards the back of your head, to get the lift at the root. Follow the blow-out roller with some texturizing spray to add more volume and extra touch.

In addition to the discussed procedures, there are a few more fixes that you can use for lasting voluminous hair.

●    Hair Supplements

Hair supplements such as nutrafol will help the regrowth of your hair. It’s essential to nourish your hair from the inside out. Nutrafol is a plant-based excipient. However, before trying it out, it’s necessary that you consult your doctor.

●    Fresh Haircut

Although not everyone’s bread and butter, a fresh haircut works wonders in improving your hair texture and volume by encouraging new growth.

●    Back Brush Your Hair

Also known as teasing or ratting, back brushing is the easiest way to create volume and style it. Repeatedly brush or comb your hair towards the scalp to make the hair knot and tangle up. For the volume to last, use a hair spray on the areas you have back brushed.

●    Add Color

Adding color doesn’t just add magnificent color to your hair but improves its texture. Apply a little bleach to create added body and rough up the hair cuticle to make it less slippery.

●    Create a Bun before You Sleep

Pull your hair up in a high immediately after your shower, just before sleep, to lose the bun while it’s still damp, then secure it with a soft elastic band. Avoid tight elastic bands that will cause your hair to crease. This way, your hair will dry lifted off the scalp. You’ll experience instant volume with soft plush waves when you wake up and release it. To get extra volume, you can also use a stretchy fabric headband. Wear the headband across your forehead; wrap sections of damp hair around it, then secure the hair with pins. When you take it out the following day, you’ll have instant hair volume and stylish waves.