Is it safe to have Root canal while pregnant?

Is it safe to have Root canal while pregnant?

One should never compromise on routine dental care for maintaining good oral hygiene. Even if you are pregnant, you still need to visit your dentist for maintaining good oral health. Think of it this way, if you are daily taking two or three meals a day with some light snacks then you must also care for your teeth and gums every day. You can only not care for your dental hygiene if you are not using your mouth, teeth, and your gums, which is impossible. Going for a root canal procedure, if needed, while you are pregnant is normal and does not cause any harm.

There is still a widespread belief that going for a root canal treatment while pregnant can harm the baby. Well, this is not entirely true, however, some dental procedures can cause minor problems if you are not careful. Read on to know what dental procedure can harm the baby. We will also shed light on what dental procedures you should and should not avoid.

Can You Visit a Dentist While Pregnant?

Wondering if you can visit the dentist while being pregnant? The simple answer to this question is you should visit your dentist during this time period.  Tooth decay, bacterial infections, and poor oral hygiene are some factors that can really harm your developing baby. 

Dental care is even more important during pregnancy, ignoring tooth decay can prove to be dangerous for the baby. A woman while pregnant does undergo many hormonal changes. Regularly visiting the dentist during this time also ensures that you have healthy teeth and gums.

Is Dental X-Ray Safe While Pregnant?

Exposing your developing child to harmful x-rays can be a major concern for most parents. Dental x-rays almost always require an x-ray to get a better look at what’s happening inside your mouth. 

Modern x-ray machines use a very low dose of radiation. If you still don’t want to expose your child to the radiation then you can opt for the  following measures:

How to Protect Your Child from Harmful X-Rays while Pregnant?

  1. Use a Lead Apron

Lead aprons have lead inside them. The lead apron effectively shields the body against harmful x-rays radiations. A pregnant woman can also use this apron to guard the baby during a dental x-ray or any other x-ray.

  1. Use a Thyroid Guard

The patient can wear a thyroid guard around the neck. This guard acts as a shield against harmful radiations. A pregnant woman may also use a thyroid guard to protect the baby while undergoing a dental x-ray.

Using Anaesthetic While Pregnant

While undergoing some dental treatment, like a root canal procedure in Dubai, some anaesthetic may be used to numb the area that is to be treated. People believe that using any anaesthetic while pregnant can harm the baby, which is not true. 

Even pregnant women can use some anaesthetics. There are special anaesthetics that specifically made for pregnant women. Inform your dental practitioner about your pregnancy and ask them for the specific anaesthetic.

What is a Root Canal Procedure?

A root canal is a simple dental procedure. The procedure aims to disinfect a decaying tooth. It works by extracting and removing the infected pulp and replacing it with some dental filling. This filling can last 15-20 years with good oral hygiene.

Step by Step Root Canal Procedure for Pregnant Women

Step 1: Decaying tooth is carefully diagnosed and an x-ray is taken for the detailed analysis of the tooth problem. The X-ray is taken while using the thyroid guard to save the baby and the mom from radiation.

Step 2: Infected area of the mouth is numbed with the help of an anaesthetic that is suitable for pregnant women and does not harm the baby. 

Step 3: After numbing the area the canals of the tooth are completely cleaned with the help of some antiseptic solution

Step 4: Canals of the affected tooth are re-shaped and holes are filled to prevent the tooth from any further infection. Dentists use dental cement to seal the tooth.

Step 5: A dental crown is placed on the same or the next appointment to restore normal tooth functioning. However, all patients who undergo this procedure do not require a crown. A Dentists uses a dental crown if a tooth is severely damaged. Teeth with bad crown shape can cause un-even bite as well as some other oral problems.

Does a root canal affect pregnancy?

A decaying tooth if left untreated can negatively affect pregnancy. However, a regular dental checkup or saving a tooth with a root canal only brings positive change to your oral hygiene. 

If left untreated the tooth decay can reach nerve endings and can be extremely painful for the woman. The extreme pain can be a constant bother for pregnant women which can also cause unrest for the child.

Always remember that the most ideal practice is to visit your dentist for all major and minor dental checkups and cleanings before planning your pregnancy. 

How to Avoid Dental Treatment During Pregnancy?

Following good oral hygiene and visiting your dental surgeon before the pregnancy can help you avoid major dental treatment during pregnancy. If tooth decay is a cough after pregnancy then it’s best to get the treatment before the second trimester.

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Pain Medications and Antibiotics

Pregnant women should use pain medications and antibiotics specifically made for them. The most ideal practice is to only use these drugs in case of emergency. 

The patient should regularly use the recommended antibiotics. These antibiotics limit the spread of infection, to ensure good health for the mother and the child.

The Conclusion

There is no doubt that a root canal procedure is a safe and reliable way to get rid of tooth decay even if the patient is pregnant. However, the patient should be careful while choosing the dental surgeon for the treatment to avoid any complications. In addition to this, the patient should also be cautious about all the above-mentioned things including the X-ray protectors and suitable anaesthetics.