Why Hair Loss is Becoming a Chronic Issue?: Causes And Prevention

Why Hair Loss is Becoming a Chronic Issue?: Causes And Prevention

Somehow you might have been facing issues like hair loss once in your life Or maybe you are going through a hair loss problem but are not aware of it.

Well, hair loss is becoming a worldwide problem just like chronic diseases. It also settled down for a lifetime if proper care was not taken. 

According to the report, alopecia baldness is the most common hair loss symptom in the US and around 80 million individuals are affected by the symptoms.

However, If you are facing hair fall for more than 1 month with a huge quantity of hair(100 hair falls every day). Then it might be a signal to consult the healthcare professionals.

Usually, we don’t notice our hair fall and just ignore it. But gradually, it becomes more problematic.

So, to make it easier, let’s understand what are the causes of hair loss and how you can solve those issues

Causes of hair loss

We usually use hair oil to nourish our hair and we have a myth that hair fall or hair loss can be stopped by doing hair oil regularly.

But the fact is that if you have an oily scalp then you don’t even need to do hair oil regularly, because your hair will consume oil from the scalp itself.

The fun fact is according to the research, an individual who has an oily scalp has more chance of being affected by hair loss issues.

While hair loss can not be solved by just doing hair oil. It is not the perfect solution.

So let’s understand the prime causes of hair loss and which are highly liable for damaging your hair. Keeping an eye on these causes can help you solve problems.

#1 Pollution: 

Well, people living in urban cities are already aware of pollution but might not be aware of how this harmful air can damage your body.

Unlikely, we all are breathing polluted air which includes harmful particles like Carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen oxides, ground-level ozone, and sulphur oxide.


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However, researchers have found that one of the air pollutants known as particulate matter, or PM for short deeply affects the hair follicle cells and decreases the level of protein in the hair.


Usually, the hairs are affected by polluted air while traveling. So make sure you cover your hair properly.

It will not let the harmful particles enter your hair follicles which settle down and damage your hair cells. 

#2 Poor nutrition

Poor nutrition is the most significant cause of hair loss. In this particular case, the body’s immune cells that protect from the bacteria start fighting against the other cells including hair cells.

Poor nutrition includes bad eating habits like junk foods that do not hold the nutrition hair requires.


Consume nutritional foods like antioxidants, and protein which include green tea, eggs, walnuts, almonds, turmeric powder, and other antioxidants present in green vegetables.

For effectiveness, set your change to your daily diet routine and add these nutrients to it.

#3 Stress

Significant stress pushes a large number of hair follicles into a resting phase. Stress can also be caused due to overwork and living in an uncomfortable environment.


However, as per the expert, Telogen effluvium pushes a significant amount of hair follicles into a resting phase. Within a few months, affected hair will start falling which causes hair loss issues.


Manage your stress by doing exercise and meditation regularly which heals your body mentally and physically.

Do not consume high-sugar ingredients that trigger anxiety and stress in the brain. Stay away from bad mindset people, they can disturb your mental health.  

#4 Hormonal changes

Hair loss can also be caused due to imbalance of hormones. Both men and women can develop hormones. Which causes hair loss. It might become thin or sometimes hair fall.

However, an increase in progesterone and estrogen affects the hair cycle during pregnancy.


Balance your hormonal changes to avoid such things. To balance eating a proper diet in your meal. Do regular exercise like yoga and meditation which helps to keep hormones balanced.

#5 Family heredity

Hair loss can also be passed on if your parents have suffered through hair issues which is family heredity. It affects the whole generation as the causes are in the DNA which passes on.

Many people do let go of the hair illness just because of family heredity assuming that it can’t be solved. But it has certain solutions and treatments which can help to prevent hair loss.


An individual who has family heredity issues can take care of their hair from the very beginning as he/she would be aware of their family history. However, they can consult with healthcare professionals. They will provide the required diet plan by looking at your family history.

How can apps help to consult hair care specialists?

Today many healthcare firms are delivering virtual hair care facilities through which patients can consult with a doctor easily and can discuss their hair issues.

While it has become much easier nowadays with the use of technological solutions like telemedicine which is a widely used app for care delivery after COVID-19.

However, there are still security concerns regarding the use of such apps as they are not secure enough sometimes and misinformation takes place.

Because many health-tech firms fail to implement HIPAA complaint task management which later on becomes a cause of security concern.

Final words:

Although, hair loss can be caused due to several other issues. And taking action to prevent hair loss is much more necessary than understanding the root causes.