Best Shilajit Brands in India that Support Better Health

Best Shilajit Brands in India that Support Better Health


Shilajit consists of two words: Shila(Rock) and Jatu(Gummy secretion). People have long used it to treat various ailments. Although it is very beneficial for overall health, it is only possible if you consume the best quality Shilajit from a good brand

Consuming a poor-quality product may fit your pocket, but it will definitely negatively impact your health. Choosing a bad-quality Shilajit brand can lead to serious problems like gastrointestinal problems, infections, stomach ulcers, and other health complications. 

Shilajit or any other Ayurvedic supplement is only beneficial if taken in the recommended quantity and pure form; otherwise, one can face repercussions. One must have the proper knowledge to choose the best possible quality product to avoid the consequences. 

In this blog, we will examine the factors to consider while choosing the best quality Shilajit and the benefits of taking it in a recommended and safe way. 

Benefits of Shilajit

Boosts Testosterone: It is very beneficial for enhancing natural Testosterone. According to research, Shilajit may raise the amount of luteinising hormone in the body, hich is important for testosterone production. 

Helps in managing diabetes: Several studies have yielded positive results on Shilajit’s usefulness in diabetes. One study discovered that consuming Shilajit can enhance insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism, improving blood sugar control.

Beneficial for skin: Shilajit supplementation may protect the skin from toxic elements, aid wound healing, and promote healthy ageing.

Helps eliminate Urinary tract disorders-  It is sensitive to the mutra vaha srota (urinary system), which aids in removing kapha stagnation, toning vata, and stimulating apana vayu flow through the pelvis. It also strengthens the kidneys, which are an important part of the urinary system.

Helps treat Respiratory disorders: It helps balance Vata-Kapha and clear obstructions in the respiratory path. Due to its Rasayana (rejuvenating) properties, it also helps boost immunity to infection.

This naturally occurring substance offers many more benefits. However, you can only benefit the most from consuming pure shilajit and the best quality. Let’s see how to choose the best quality Shilajit.

How to choose the best quality brand of Shilajit

Research: Look at several brands or options that meet your requirements. Read reviews, compare features, and get information from reputable sources.

Check the Specifications: Pay attention to criteria or characteristics that indicate quality. For example, in electronics, you might consider processing speed, screen resolution, battery life, etc. Materials, stitching quality, and design may be important considerations when purchasing apparel.

Asses reputation: Consider the reputation of the brand or manufacturer. Brands having a track record of creating high-quality items are more likely to uphold that level.

Inspect the Product: If feasible, physically inspect or observe the product. Examine for any flaws, defects, or evidence of poor construction.

Warranty and Consumer Support: Review the warranty and customer support options. A good warranty shows that the producer is confident in the quality of its products.

Consider the product’s long-term value: Spending more money upfront on a higher-quality item can save you long-term because it will last longer or perform better.

How can I identify the pure Shilajit brand?

Pure Shilajit is usually dark brown to black in colour, has a strong, distinct odour, and tastes harsh. It should soften and become more flexible when exposed to heat or sunlight. It should dissolve smoothly in warm water, leaving no gritty residue.

Are there different forms of Shilajit available?

Shilajit is available in various formats, including resin, powder, capsules, and liquid extract. Each form may differ in concentration and dosage, so choose according to your preferences and convenience.

How do I use Shilajit?

The dosage and usage instructions may differ depending on the form and brand of Shilajit. It is advisable to begin with a low dose and gradually increase as tolerated. It can be taken alone or combined with warm water, milk, or herbal teas.

Where can I purchase genuine Shilajit?

Genuine Shilajit products are available from reliable internet vendors, health food stores, and speciality wellness stores. Ensure the seller gives extensive information about the product’s origin, testing, and validity.

Best Shilajit Brand

Which is the Best Shilajit Brand available in the Indian market

Rasayanam Shilajit is among the best-quality Shilajit brands available in the market. It is harvested from the Gilgit mountains, located at 18000 feet. It is totally free from pollutants and heavy metals. It contains 60% more fulvic acid than any ordinary Shilajit available in the market. Also, it comes lab-tested and is made using the advanced suryatapi method. Anyone planning to intake Shilajit can consider Rasayanam. 


To summarise, obtaining the best Shilajit brand and understanding its applications requires careful consideration of several aspects. From determining its purity and sourcing to comprehending its potential benefits, selecting a trusted supplier is critical. Individuals may guarantee they purchase a high-quality product with genuine health benefits by valuing authenticity, researching trustworthy brands, and contacting credible sources. Furthermore, understanding its wide range of applications, from traditional medicine to current health practices, emphasises the importance of choosing high-quality shilajit.